Fierce Vulnerability/YTBN Network Onboarding

December 7th & 9th
9:30AM - 5:00PM on Both Days
Application Required


The Yet-To-Be-Named Network is set to launch! 

After two years of preparation our network is ready to train its first cohort of Bay Area direct action teams. Phase One of the network’s onboarding training process is this two-day deep dive into Fierce Vulnerability! Please consider joining us!!


All of our programs are offered on a Gift Economics model, which means we do not charge a fee. Click here to read more about this model.

We will have limited space for this workshop, and are prioritizing those interested in joining a network team (see below), as well as People of Color. Please see below for our application/registration link.


The Yet-To-Be-Named Network is a decentralized constellation of direct action teams positioned at the intersection of racial healing and climate justice. These teams are comprised of people who deeply resonate with the content of the network’s zine, and who feel called and are prepared to uphold the principles and practices (aka “the DNA”) outlined in the network’s soon-to-be-completed handbook. We envision that each team in the network will be surrounded, accompanied and upheld by a wider community of support, comprised of folks who resonate with the spirit and goals of the network but who for whatever reasons don’t feel called to or aren’t ready for the commitment of team membership.

Each team in the network will be autonomous and self-governing. This means that each team determines how they do the work to define and achieve their unique goals within the context of the network’s DNA. Each team will co-hold and co-implement its commitment to engaging in direct action at the intersection of climate justice and racial healing, and to redistributing and/or facilitating the redistribution of resources as a concrete expression of reparations for the impacts of colonization and white supremacy. Obviously the racial makeup of teams will significantly determine the particular ways that teams engage with the network’s core goal of “making reparations real.”

Our twin purpose of engaging in direct action and reparations is but one way – the way to which we feel collectively called – to combat the patriarchal domination system we are embedded in. We celebrate that we’re part of a huge and diverse movement ecosystem, within which others feel called to and are carrying forward other essential work that we’re not undertaking.

After onboarding into the network, teams will be strongly encouraged to follow up with periodic enhancement trainings to strengthen their capacity in a wide range of areas, ranging from group process to direct action strategy to grief-tending to regulating our nervous systems. Teams, which will be made up of a minimum of three people, will be mini-communities of co-creation, shared accountability, and deep trust-building. The network will be counting on our first cohort of teams to beta-test the network DNA through hands-on experimentation, and to offer the feedback we need to strengthen the DNA as our collective experiment unfolds.


How do we stop injustice in its tracks while acknowledging the interconnectedness of all people and all life?

How do we move to protect what we hold dear while nurturing a relationship with our broken -heartednness?

How do we build a movement that can shut down unjust institutions while creating a culture of opening things up?

How do we build a movement with the militancy to stand in the way of oppressive systems and the sensitivity to see it as an act of healing?

Our world is in serious crisis. Our social systems are being torn apart, our economic systems have created historic levels of wealth disparity, and earth’s life support systems are on the brink of collapse. The need for a powerful direct action movement that nurtures a radical, fundamental transformation has never been greater. Despair seems to be in the air we breathe and can be felt in the depth of our hearts.

Yet our need is not only a transformation of systems and laws and policies. What we yearn for is a fundamental transformation of our hearts, our values and our relationships – to ourselves, to each other, and to the earth.

We long to play our part in a movement that understands the assertiveness that is needed to address the crises of our times. A movement that sees social change as a radical act of healing. A movement that knows that each of us needs to heal as much as those we may feel compelled to blame. A movement that knows that violence hurts all parties. A movement that will never see any individual as disposable, devoid of dignity, or incapable of transformation.

Fierce Vulnerability is born of the conviction that vulnerability is strength. Vulnerability is essential to our wholeness, and that wholeness is desperately needed in our struggle to undo generations of investment in plunder and exploitation.

Join us and let us explore together what it might look like to enter into movement spaces with the courage to be our whole selves, sometimes courageous, sometimes fearful, sometimes clear, sometimes confused, sometimes joyous, sometimes grieving, often a mixture of all of these. We seek to bring ourselves as we are, in service to life.


Chris Moore-Backman, Kazu Haga, Morgan Curtis & Nirali Shah 

Saturday & Sunday
December 7th & 8th, 2019
9:30AM - 5PM on Both Days (Required)
Oakland Peace Center
111 Fairmount Ave
Shelton Hall
Oakland, CA 94611
United States
Google map and directions
East Point Peace Academy · · (510) 500-7853

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