Welcome to the FVN Cohort!!!


On this page, you will find links to everything you should need to fully engage with this experimental process!

More information and resources will be added here as we move through our time. 

The Fierce Vulnerability Network

The Fierce Vulnerability Network is an experiment that you are helping to co-create! The the Network will only become what you all make it, you can check out a few resources here to learn more. 

Our Zine, slightly outdated, still speaks powerfully to the essence of who we want to become. 

Our Handbook, published through Nomadic Press, will act as our guide through the cohort. Each member will receive a hardcopy when we meet in person. A free pdf version is available here

You can also check out a very simple website for the national Network at www.thefvn.org

For a copy of the cohort confirmation email with lots of information, click here

The FVN Bay Area Cohort

Click here to check out a list of all of your cohort members!

Communication & Files

Click here for each member's contact information. 

Click here to see our files, including handouts and slides.

Click here to see recordings of past sessions. 

To send an email to the entire cohort, email [email protected]

To see an archive of past emails, click here

Gift Economy

To support the cohort, click here to give

To see the cohort's budget, including our fundraising goals and updated income, click here

To support the Internal Reparations Fund, click here

To see the Gift Economics Presentation, click here

Secret Pseudopods

To see what everyone in the cohort has to offer, and what each person would want to receive, click here
If you need to make any edits to your offers or requests, please make a comment on the sheet and we will update it for you. Right-Click on the cell where you would like the edit and select "Comment."

If you have not filled out the survey yet, click here

If you need support to think about ideas, you can email Luis at luis [at] eastpointpeace.org or contact Kazu, LiZhen and others who have Secret Pseudopoding experience! 


Please click here to provide feedback for any of our sessions. 

Our Time Together

Click on the image below to see the full calendar of events.

You can also click here to download the .ics file and import all the events to your calendar. If you need support with the import, click here for instructions. 

All virtual gatherings will take place on Zoom. The meeting ID is 81960072425. 

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