2020 Year End Financials

2020 was another year in which our faith in the power of the Gift Economy continued to deepened. As some of you may remember, coming into this year we knew that we were no longer going to be receiving funding from our largest supporter. This means that we knew that we were going to be coming into the year roughly $30,000 under budget. 

In addition to that knowledge, we all experienced something unprecedented and unpredictable - the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic impact of the pandemic is something that we realistically will not understand for some time, though we do know that it will only further exasperate the income and wealth disparities that existed before. 

In the midst of everything, we found ourselves in abundance. For one, we were able to shift all of our programs to a virtual format, allowing us to work with new trainers, facilitators and presenters, as well as over a thousand new participants from all over the world! Many of you showered us with your abundance and generosity.

In addition, we are now in a working partnership with the Kataly Foundation, who have committed $100,000 a year for a minimum of three years!

Because of this abundance, we were able to increase our own generosity to continue the flow of Gifts throughout the ecosystem. We were able to offer stipends to countless volunteers who made our work possible last year, we increased our organizational commitment to reparations, and chose not to send out a year-end fundraising appeal - instead asking our community to support the Sogorea Te Land Trust and the Black Organizing Project

One more big thing you may notice in our financial statement. Our budget shows that we redistributed over $92,000 in reparations last year. This was because of our partnership with the Reparations Procession, an initiative put on by an anonymous group of white-identified people who raised $87,650 to support Black and Indigenous led organizing efforts in the San Francisco East Bay. Those funds ran through us, and we were honored to help facilitate such a beautiful project. 

Beyond that, if you have any questions about our finances, please feel free to contact us at anytime and we'd be happy to answer your questions! As always, financial transparency will continue to be a core commitment for us.

Thank you all for all of your Gifts last year, this year and beyond!


The Core Team and Board of the East Point Peace Academy!




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