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Founded in 2013, East Point is more than just a nonprofit organization. We are a community of practice and exploration, training and education, healing and resistance.
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    To Whom It May Concern at the IRS

    November 17, 2020

    To Whom It May Concern at the Internal Revenue Service,

    I write in response to the notice you sent me, dated November 16, 2020, of your agency's intent to seize my property if I continue to refuse to pay my federal taxes for tax year 2018. The amount of these taxes is $2413.43, inclusive of penalties and interest.

    As I have explained to the IRS many times in the past (I haven't paid taxes since 2000, so we've corresponded with one another quite a bit!) my conscience forbids me from paying these taxes because they would be used to fund, among other deeply immoral things:

    • war and preparation for war
    • a racist and punishment-based criminal justice system
    • unfettered destruction of the natural world


    The word "economics" is derived from the Greek oikos, which means "home." Economy specifically refers to the tending of the home. The system we presently have in the United States is actually, therefore, anti-economics. Rather than tending to our home we are quite literally destroying it, and the taxation system your organization administers serves to perpetuate this destruction. I am duty-bound to not cooperate with it, and therefore resist taxes as an act of civil disobedience.

    I am not opposed to taxation in principle, and I recognize that tax dollars fund many things that are life-serving. However, because I have no way of directing my contribution so as to avoid enriching the US military, the prison-industrial complex, and the US government's compact with Big Oil - to again cite the previous three examples - I have no conscientious choice but to withhold payment entirely.

    In order to contribute to the general welfare of our society and the world, I have offered the full amount of my calculated taxes since 2000 to support humane efforts to build a more just and peaceful society and world community. In this way I like to think that my civil disobedience becomes civil initiative. In recent years the majority of the taxes I've redirected have been offered as long overdue reparations to Black and Indigenous-led groups working for their own liberation. If and when our nation transforms its spending priorities to genuinely reflect a commitment to healing, justice, peace, and ecological responsibility, I will be happy to pay taxes to the IRS.

    I send this letter with all due respect for the individuals who work at the IRS. My objections to the role your agency plays do not obstruct my care for you as human beings. In fact, my tax resistance is as much on your behalf as it is on my own.


    Chris Moore-Backman



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    Democracy Street Mural

    Photo by Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group

    What a day it was!!! This past Thursday the 29th, we worked with hundreds of activists to block a portion of 14th street in front of the Oakland Federal Building so that we can paint this beautiful street mural Choosing Democracy!!!

    Above and below the lettering are 12 round murals, created by 12 different community based organizations showing their vision of what democracy could look like. The The designs in between the round murals was created by Native artist/activist Edward Willie, and is an homage to the basket weaving traditions of California's Indigenous peoples. 

    Marge Sister Who Walks With Bears Grow-Eppard blessing the clay paint, which came from her people's land

    The blockading of the streets were led by 1,000 Grandmothers for Future Generations, and we had support from youth groups and young children for the painting, making this a beautiful intergenerational event! During the 3-hour blockade, we were also blessed with music from the Thrive Street Choir, Lu from the Peace Poets who called in from afar and others.

    We are so grateful to Bay Resistance for their partnership, and the Climate Justice Street Mural Project and in particular David Solnit for their vision and leadership!!!

    We are still compiling all of the photos and videos of the event, and this page will be updated as they become available, but check out some of it now below!!!

    Thank you to EVERYONE who came through and supported this project!!! Please remember that this is just our first run. If the current administration tries to steal the upcoming election, our plan is to do a much larger version of this mural in San Francisco, and we'll need all hands on deck!!! Please make sure to sign up for our mailing list for updates and Bay Resistance's text alerts by texting "RESIST" to 41411. 


    Watch this short clip from Maya Media with highlights from the day

    Check out ALL the images from Kelly Johnson Revolutionary Photography HERE
    Street Blockade & Mural Painting

    Check out drone footage from Mercury News

    Watch a short Time Lapse video of the painting

    Check out the almost completed mural from ground level with Maya Media

    Watch this short video of the action on Facebook from Peg Hunter!

    Check out more Drone Footage from Emanuel Desousa @FreshFotography

    Thanks to our Representative Barbara Lee for retweeting our action!

    Media Coverage


    Democracy Murals
    Check out these individual murals of 12 different groups and their vision of what Democracy could look like!

    1000 Grandmothers for Future Generations

    Warriors for Justice

    Colombia Conexion

    Thrive East Bay

    Sunrise Movement SF Bay

    Yet To Be Named Network Bay Area

    The Ahimsa Collective

    Extinction Rebellion Bay Area

    Poor People's Campaign/Cardboard & Concrete Unhoused Artist Collective

    Code Pink Golden Gate

    First Mennonite Church of SF

    The Mangalam Center

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    Trainings for November Actions

    We know that many people around the country are feeling a deep level of anxiety around the upcoming November election, and the chaos that may follow it. We believe that one thing that can help us ease that anxiety is to not wait until November, but to begin preparing ourselves for it now. 

    East Point Peace Academy and the Yet-To-Be-Named Network have been busy building relationships with many community members from across the Bay Area to organize a series of trainings and workshops, building a vision for 10 days of gatherings leading into the election as well as some action ideas for after the election - particularly if there is an attempted coup. 

    We invite anyone who is interested in being in community with us - particularly if you are based in the San Francisco Bay Area - to join us for any of these upcoming workshops.

    CLICK HERE to see the list of all upcoming workshops

    CLICK HERE to see our upcoming "Preparing Together" workshops, which are two-hour introductory workshops that will provide a framework for our organizing, as well as updated information about our November plans. 

    CLICK HERE to see our upcoming "Enhancement Trainings," which are short skill-building workshops on everything from art building to direct action to emotional regulation tools.

    If you would like to be updated about future actions and workshops as we inch closer to the election, make sure you are signed up for our mailing list!

    We are also in conversations with artists and activists from around the Bay Area to organize a series of potential actions if there is an attempted coup. Many of these actions will require people to be in small teams of trusted friends. PLEASE consider committing to being in actions with a team of 3-8 people you know and trust. Once you have your team, check out this resource and fill out this survey so that we can coordinate!

    We hope to see you soon!!!

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    Preparing Together: Join Us As We Get Ready for November

    East Point has launched a series of trainings to help us prepare for a series of actions in November. These trainings, each of which will be two-hours long, will give people an introduction into the ethos of Fierce Vulnerability - out of which our actions and gatherings will emerge - and will share our vision for 10 Days of Deepening Together -  a commitment to gathering together for the 10 consecutive days leading up to the election. 

    Please join us for one of these trainings! All times are Pacific Time. (To Register: Click on the date to view the details of each session, then fill out the registration form at the bottom.)

    THURSDAY, OCT. 8TH: 5:30PM - 7:30PM 
    MONDAY, OCT. 12TH: 10AM - 12 PM (BIPOC ONLY*)
    THURSDAY, OCT. 15TH: 5:30PM - 7:30PM 
    MONDAY, OCT. 19TH: 10AM - 12 PM 
    THURSDAY, OCT. 22ND: 5:30PM - 7:30PM  (BIPOC ONLY*)

    The aims of this workshop:
    • to build a deepened sense of community and connection with one another
    • to explore principles and practices foundational to a "fierce vulnerability" approach to direct action
    • to pass along key information about emerging action plans for the Bay Area, and immediate next steps
    • to support the process of getting folks organized into small action teams


    Join us and help spread the word!!! We hope to see you there, and in the streets with us!

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