Our Programs

Nonviolence Dojo
At East Point Peace Academy, we view ourselves as a martial arts school as much as a traditional nonprofit. We view nonviolence and conflict reconciliation as the martial art of transforming conflict in healthy, skillful and just ways. By using the principles of nonviolence, mindfulness, restorative justice, community organizing and movement building and various healing modalities, we aim to bring about a holistic change to the personal, interpersonal and societal issues that plague our society. Our Dojo offers many different training opportunities for the general public. Check out our offerings.

Peace from Within
Our work builds nonviolent leaders and trainers within California's incarcerated populations so that they can go on to teach others inside the prison as well as community members from outside the prison, changing the culture of violence from the inside. Since our founding, we have certified more than 100 incarcerated nonviolence trainers who have gone on to train over 1,000 incarcerated men.

Fierce Vulnerability Network
The Fierce Vulnerability Network is a collaborative effort between organizations and individuals spread throughout the country. We are a decentralized constellation of direct action teams positioned at the intersection of climate justice and racial healing. We are made up of individuals who are deeply committed to living out an integral nonviolent approach leading to radical, loving and bold direct action in defense of life. Learn More

Sitting in the River
Our meditation groups in local county jails provide some of the only moments where individuals can escape the daily violence of their incarceration. By teaching the basic skills of mindfulness and using it as an opportunity to further deepen our understanding of nonviolence, we provide a chance to find freedom from within. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer with this program.

One of the many ways we try to do things differently is by having porous organizational walls. This means that East Point's staff can use significant time and organizational resources in projects that may not be "ours," but if they are projects that further our mission. This furthers a culture of collaboration and partnership over security and competition. When an organization takes its work seriously, it can't limit its concerns to the boundaries of the organization. We aim to be a place where each of us can fulfill our potential and vocation, not a job title and job description. Current and former partners whom we have invested with include The Ahimsa Collective, the Fierce Vulnerability Network, Insight Prison Project and many others.

Capacity Building
In addition to our public and prison-based workshops, we partner with various organizations, schools and universities, communities and faith groups to design and implement trainings, events, and other short-term projects that address the particular needs of our partners. Through such collaboration and consultation we increase the capacity of nonviolence-oriented groups to carry out their work for social change. Click here to find out more.