Deepening Together

As we get closer and closer to one of the most pivotal election in our lifetime, we know that many of us are feeling anxiety about the result of the election as well as what may happen afterwards. Many of us are planning to take action, especially if there is an attempt at an undemocratic power grab from the current administration.

Rather than sitting in anxiety waiting for something to happen, we are initiating action: gathering in community and deepening our relationships so that we can be ready to respond to whatever may happen. 

Deepening Together is a series of gatherings for 10 consecutive days leading into election day, with each day having a different theme. 

All events will take place at Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza, at the corner of Broadway & 14th Street in Oakland at 4-6PM Pacific Time unless otherwise noted.

Please join us and spread the word!!!

No deepening togethers yet.