East Point Needs Your URGENT Help!!!

Dear Beloved Community,

As you know, we've always maintained a strong commitment to financial transparency. This means that we've sometimes shared news with you that hasn't always been pleasant. And unfortunately, we're in a bit of a pinch right now and we are asking for your support!

As you may know, we've recently switched to a new website. Not only did we switch over to a new website, we left our fiscal sponsor and shifted over to our own nonprofit status, which means that we can start taking in donations directly without a fee. 

This means that payments from all of our monthly donors were cancelled, and we sent emails to you all and asked you to sign up again in our new system.

Aaaaannnndd, that's where the problem started. There is something wrong with our new system, and we have been in contact with tech support for weeks trying to figure it out, but many people are having problems donating through our new site.

This means that 1) we are currently not getting the steady income we typically get from our monthly donors, and 2) it's possible that we may lose a bunch of our monthly donors by the time we figure this out. 

As an organization that relies HEAVILY on support from our community, this is a major loss for us, especially in the midst of the current economy. 

So we are asking our community for support. If you can make a one-time contribution of any amount to help hold us over until we are able to fix this technical problem, we would be so grateful. 

We know that times are hard for so many of us right now, and that there are so many worthy causes to support in this historical moment, particularly for the Movement for Black Lives. But if our work has ever supported you in any way, if it would give you any joy to support the future sustainability of our work, please help us by donating what you can

There are links to our current donate page as well as an alternative donation process in the links above. 

We thank all of you in advance, for all you do to support us and for all you do to support the expansion of Beloved Community.

In Gratitude,


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