Preparing to Offer Something Beautiful

2020 seems more perilous by the moment. We face an unprecedented web of compounding crises: the racial injustice crisis, COVID-19, the newest wave of wildfires and hurricanes - which of course signify the intensifying climate emergency, plus a horrifyingly uncertain presidential election that may be the most fateful, life-and-death election in our nation’s history. 

It’s terrifying. And many of us are struggling to figure out what we can do to make a genuine, noticeable difference. 

Shortly after COVID-19 touched down in the US, East Point launched a virtual speakers series titled “Where Do We Go From Here?”. We’ve had incredible presenters offering deep insights and invaluable guidance for changemakers during these chaotic times. We’ve learned a lot from these friends. 

One of our key takeaways: 
Nonviolence is about stopping cycles of harm; stopping cycles of harm is about healing. 

And another: 
Experimentation leads to learning.

When we’re brutally honest we must admit that we don’t know what to do. We don’t know what it would take to change the horrible course we’re on. As painful as it is to admit this, in a strange way doing so opens up a sense of possibility, and even a sense of relief. The space opens for simple, potent questions to arise: What actions do our hearts and imaginations point us towards? What do we have the power to do? 

While we can’t know what the outcome will be, at East Point we’re convinced that our community has the capacity, creativity and courage to bring something beautiful into the world and to inject a measure of sanity into the madness of 2020. 

We haven’t created a master plan for this “something beautiful”. But we have done our best to listen to how life is guiding us, and to discern next steps for how we might create the conditions for this “something beautiful” to emerge. We’ve decided to focus on two special offerings in preparation for November:

Fierce Vulnerability Weekend Workshop for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and other people of color)
September 25-27 (Five 2-hour sessions beginning Friday evening and ending Sunday evening)


My Grandmother’s Hands Study and Practice Series for White-Identifying People
September 15-October 27 (Seven consecutive Tuesday evenings, 6:00 - 7:30PM (pacific))

We are envisioning both of these offerings as onramps to the Yet-To-Be-Named Network (YTBN). We anticipate that the Bay Area YTBN community will be a dynamic hub for action and organizing leading up to the November election. If you want to join us in preparing for that work please register for one of the above offerings.

We have been deeply inspired by the recent surge of popular uprisings. And yet, we continue to seek a place in this larger movement ecology where the work is seen and understood as healing work, and where the aim is to honor the dignity of all life and move us closer to Beloved Community. May it be so!


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