More Than a Protest

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Strategies for Building a Movement

In the era of Trump, rising hate crimes, and unparalleled environmental destruction, our communities need a movement for social justice like never before. In response to the rising tide of violence and injustice, people are joining protests and marches in numbers that we have not seen in decades.

Yet, protests and marches alone will not bring us the changes that we seek. While the need for direct action is clear, organizing a successful march or a direct action should never be a goal in and of itself. Direct actions are tools that we use as part of a larger organizing campaign that gets us to a larger goal.

In this two-day workshop, we will engage in conversations, practice role-plays and study current and historical movements to:

  • Explore several different campaign and movement building frameworks;
  • Learn how to create pressure and leverage through direct actions;
  • Learn how to utilize that leverage to get us closer to a goal;
  • Understand the difference between tactics, strategies and goals;
  • Explore key concepts and tools such as power mapping, spectrum of allies and pillars of support;
  • And much more.

Whether you are new to organizing and want to understand how to do it better, have some experience and want to brush up some skills, or a veteran activist with wisdom to share, we need you now!!!