Updates for November Action

Here we go. We're just about a month away from what is perhaps the most important election of our lifetime, and we are gearing up to be in community together through whatever comes. 

In the past couple of weeks, East Point has worked with the Yet To Be Named Network and began a seven-week practice group of the book My Grandmother's Hands for 100+ white-identified people, and hosted a Fierce Vulnerability weekend workshop for 70 Black, Indigenous and People of Color, all to prepare to engage in November. 

That process has led to several visioning calls as well as 30+ people being trained to give a 2-hour training that we will be offering throughout the month of October to prepare us for action. 

While the details of our plan are still coming together, here's an outline that is emerging for the Bay Area:

Preparing Together: October 8 - October 24
During these weeks, we will be offering two tracks of trainings. One will be a series of trainings offered twice a week to share with people the ethos and worldview out of which our actions emerge, as well as our plans for the actions and how to plug in. CLICK HERE for our calendar and to register. 

Another track of trainings will offer concrete skills, including Direct Action, Emotional Regulation on the frontlines, Art Building and others. 

Deepening Together: October 25 - November 3
We will then commit to being in community together for 10 consecutive days leading into the election. Each day will have a theme: some possible ones that are emerging include a Day of Grief, a Day of Resilience, a Day of Visioning, etc. 

These days will offer us an opportunity to deepen in relationship so that when it is time to act, we will be in a better place to act collectively and in relationship with each other. 

Taking Action Together: November 4th onwards
Regardless of the results of the election, we want to commit to being in action together. Regardless of the result, we know that our democratic process has broken down, the climate is in crisis, white supremacy is taking the lives of Black and Brown people and destroying the soul of this nation. 

We are in conversation with many activists, artists and healers to design possible actions based on various scenarios. It is hard to know what will happen on November 4th, but again, if we are in relationship, we will be ready for anything. 

We will continue to send you updates as they become available, including our entire calendar of trainings (which we hope to announce in the coming days). 

We also acknowledge the many communities around the country who are also preparing for November. We encourage you to check out our friends at Choose Democracy who are leading national trainings to stop a potential coup. Daniel Hunter also wrote an important piece on the "10 things you need to know to stop a coup." And The Atlantic has published, "The Election That Could Break America," a lengthy and powerful description of the various forms the potential coup might take (the article is available at that link in both written and audio form).  

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