Saturday August 21 - Sunday August 22, 2021. 1-5 PM Pacific Time both days.
Attendance both days is required.

The Yet-To-Be-Named Network (YTBN) is a decentralized constellation of direct action teams committed to racial and climate justice. This two-day online training offers an overview of the network, from principles to practices, from organizational structures to what it means to be a member, and more! Read more about the YTBN in our zine here:

The training is open to all. It is part of an unofficial onboarding process for Bay Area YTBN teams-in-formation, but it is also designed to serve as a helpful entry point for anyone who wants to learn more about our effort to build a powerful decentralized, self-organizing network rooted in fierce vulnerability and personal vocation, and attuned to the subtle power of emergence.

  • Are you called to the intersection of racial and climate justice?
  • Are you committed to the work of making reparations real?
  • Do you see direct action as a necessary component of the struggle for collective liberation?
  • Do you long to be part of a movement community that understands that healing at the personal, interpersonal, and systemic levels are deeply interconnected?
  • Do you want to deepen your understanding of self-organizing and decentralization?


We hope you’ll join us for this special weekend offering!

Priority will be given to BIPOC participants, and to participants seeking to join the network. If you have questions or need further information please email us: [email protected]


Leonie Smith - For more than 30 years Leonie Smith, founder of The Thoughtful Workplace, has been working from an anti-racist, anti-oppressive perspective. Her approach is shaped by her own journey to find and build community that welcomes her perspective as a Black Woman, Canadian-born, of Jamaican heritage. She has a deep commitment to anti-oppressive practices, sharing practical ways of applying Nonviolent Communication. She shares her people-centered approach for creating group, team, and organizational systems in service to creating a world that works for all as a community member and through her consultancy, The Thoughtful Workplace.

Vickie ChangThe daughter of Chinese immigrants, Vickie Ya-Rong Chang (she/her) was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. In her work as a psychologist and writer, she is dedicated to personal = collective liberation. She supports API movement spaces through offering awareness and somatic practices, which are fundamental to her individual and group counseling work. She is strengthened by her connection to Chinese ancestral practices and shaped by her relationship with the people, culture, and land of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, first settled by the Puebloans, Ute, Jicarilla Apache, and Navajo/Diné; the holy hill Arunachala in India; and the Divine Buddha Temple in Taiwan. 

Luis Miranda - These days, Luis (he/him/el) organizes with networks of community members to show up for the undocumented community living in Utah. Professionally, he is trained in conflict transformation, restorative justice, trauma-informed approaches, and process design. As an organizer, Luis has organized with the Justicia Ya transparency movement in Guatemala and multiple youth peace movements in Colombia. Outside of organizing, he enjoys mindfulness, exploring the Utah wilderness, dancing hip hop, and baking bread.

Chris Moore-Backman - Chris is an activist-organizer and author of The Gandhian Iceberg: A Nonviolence Manifesto for the Age of the Great Turning. He is also producer of Bringing Down the New Jim Crow, a radio documentary series examining the movement to end the U.S. system of mass incarceration.

Chris has worked with a variety of human rights, peace, and social justice organizations, including the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Christian Peacemaker Teams, the Alternatives to Violence Project, and Right Sharing of World Resources, and he has served on international peace teams in Colombia and Palestine. 


All events at the East Point Peace Academy are offered on a Gift Economy. This means that there is no fee to register, and everybody is welcome to attend regardless of their ability to pay. An opportunity will be offered to participants to give gifts to support the work of our organization and to support the facilitators. No amount is too small or too large.

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This event will happen virtually using the Zoom online conferencing platform. If you are not familiar with this platform, click here for instructions.

Saturday, August 21 - Sunday, August 22
1-5 PM both days
Virtual Event
East Point Peace Academy · · 510 500 7853

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