Day 8: Day of Mortality

Sunday, November 1st @ 1PM-3PM
We will NOT be having an in-person gathering on this date.

Please register below for the zoom link

In recognition of the tradition of Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead, we are honored to join La Tertulia Boricua, a Bay Area based Boricua Social Cultural Group for this virtual ritual. Join us in remembering friends, family & others in our communities who have joined the ancestors.

Express yourself at our virtual open mic thru poetry, song, art, corazón.

Create & send a photo of your altar (with names of those being honored showing in the photo) for our collective altar slide-show to [email protected].

As we get closer and closer to one of the most pivotal election in our lifetime, we know that many of us are feeling anxiety about the result of the election as well as what may happen afterwards. Many of us are planning to take action, especially if there is an attempt at an undemocratic power grab from the current administration.

Rather than sitting in anxiety waiting for something to happen, we are initiating action: gathering in community and deepening our relationships so that we can be ready to respond to whatever may happen. 

Deepening Together is a series of gatherings for 10 consecutive days leading into election day, with each day having a different theme. 

Starting on Sunday, October 25th, we will gather each day from 4PM - 6PM (unless otherwise noted) at Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza in front of Oakland City Hall. 

*Times/Themes subject to change. Please check our website for updates before attending events. 

Day One: Day of Ancestry & Remembrance - 10/25 @ 4-6PM
Day Two: Day of Relationship - 10/26 @ 4-6PM
Day Three: Day of Grief - 10/27 @ 4:30-6:30PM (Note different time)
Day Four: Day of Joy & Celebration - 10/28 @ 4-6PM
Day Five: Day of Visioning - 10/29 @ 3-6PM (Note different time)
Day Six: Day of Compassion & Oneness - 10/30 @ 4-6PM
Day Seven: Day of Accountability & Atonement - 10/31 @ 4-6PM
Day Eight: Day of Mortality - 11/1 @ 1-3PM, VIRTUAL EVENT (Note different time)
Day Nine: Day of Stillness & Grounding - 11/2 @ 4-6PM
Day Ten: Day of Deepening - 11/3 (election day) @ 4-6PM

Day Eleven and Beyond: Days of Action

11/4 @ 12PM - We are partnering with our friends at Bay Resistance and Protect the Results and supporting the national call for a day of action on November 4th regardless of the result. CLICK HERE for more information and to sign up for the event.

We are also working with various Bay Area organizations to coordinate actions as long as they are needed. Make sure you are on our mailing list for updates, or follow us on Facebook

If you are planning on taking action after election day, we highly encourage you to get into small teams or affinity groups as a way to stay safe, feel empowered and be able to support each other. Here is a handout on some activities you can do with your team to prepare yourself. Once you are in a team, please fill out this form and let us know so that we can coordinate!

November 01, 2020 at 1:00pm - 3pm
Zoom Virtual Conference
La Tertulia Boricua ·

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